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Hotel Room with Pillows

At Alicia's Cottage , your health and safety is of utmost importance to us

That's why we have adopted a 5-Step enhanced cleaning process during COVID-19 

Preparing For Your Stay: Welcome

Preparing For Your Stay

Dry Firewood 

Bring dry kindling, logs, matches & fire starters to enjoy the indoor fireplace in the fall/winter, or the Finnish Firewood Sauna all year round. 

Packaged dry wood can be purchased in most local home hardware stores, gas stations or at our local grocery store:

Marché Richelieu

 1732 Route du Carrefour, Val-des-Monts, QC J8N 7E9


Our kitchen is stocked with the essentials so you have the tools you need to prepare delicious meals. Don't forget to bring your food and condiments! 
In a rush or forgot something? Our local grocery store can meet your needs:
Marché Richelieu 
1732 Route du Carrefour, Val-des-Monts, QC J8N 7E9

Extra Towels & Slippers

We will provide you with towels during your stay, but it's always recommended to bring extra towels during the summer months while you're out on the lake or enjoying the fire wood sauna!

Non-Skid slippers are always a great idea during the cooler fall/winter months.

Packing List Ideas Depending On The Season

  • Bathing suit, Sunscreen

  • Poncho/Umbrella

  • Rainboots

  • Waterproof sandals

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Walking shoes/hiking boots

  • Winter gear if you will be skiing at one of our local mountains or hiking

  • Personal Toiletries

Indoor Entertainment

Although we highly recommend you enjoy the great outdoors, feel free to bring  books, board games, & e-reader/tablets to relax indoors. 

Please note that due to the remote location of the cottage the satellite Wi-Fi available is slow. The more devices are connected the slower it gets!

We recommend you pre-download music or movies/shows on your devices 

Review Our How-To Videos

Not sure how to start the indoor fireplace? or the Finnish firewood sauna?

Have no fear, and visit our how-to video section in advance for easy step-by-step instructions 

Preparing For Your Stay: List
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